You Are Enough!

(Pep talk from Adrian Balboa, Rocky’s wife.)

You are enough! So many times we look outside of ourselves for approval, validation and love. Not realizing that we have everything that we need to succeed already inside of us. If you take a closer look in the mirror or change your perspective and inner dialogue you can discover how significant you really are and others will recognize it to.

My Mom would say “people treat you the way you allow them to”. The following statements might seem cliche but they are often true:

  • How can we expect others to love us, if we do not love ourselves?

  • If you don’t think you look good, no one else will

  • If you do not feel good or happy, no one can make you feel what you desire. Nor can they complete you or fulfill what you feel you are lac

  • You must be whole on your own.

Of course these concepts are much easier said than done right. Thanks to someone near and dear to me, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for the past 6-months. The introduction to the practice has been transformational because it helps me focus on the present moment, where I am and who I am right now. It is so easy to get stuck in the past by focusing on past hurts; which can become regrets or become anxious because we are worried about a future we have limited control over. Also, being open to receiving critical feedback, therapy, being asked the right questions, and spending time reflecting has all helped me begin to realize why like so many, I too have had a need for external validation and recognition.

Growing-up I did not fit in and was picked on, teased and even bullied. Most likely, we all might recall a time that we were not accepted by loved-ones or peers. The memories can literally last a lifetime and the pain of rejection or not feeling understood can be damaging to the psyche and we not even realize it. We can become victims in our minds and play a sad violin and story in our heads repeatedly… UNTIL WE DECIDE that WE ARE ENOUGH regardless of what others think or say. We must learn to be ourselves, accepting and loving of ourselves, go where we are wanted and create our own identities free of anyones approval.

Here are a few resources that have helped me along the journey: