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The Center of Leadership, Love & Relationships (LLR Center) is a wellness think tank and coaching practice. We coach multicultural millennials and Gen Xers, especially women, from an inside out and outside in approach on how to move through unexpected life changes and overcome common major challenges. 

Our mission is to empower people with integrative wellness tools and resources to make more informed life choices and lead well balanced lives personally and professionally.


To help people make more informed life choices and know that they are not alone.

Through events, courses, multimedia, research, reports, consulting, and coaching, we:

  • ​Empower people to better lead, love and relate to others

  • Create and support workplace wellness programs 

  • Develop authentic corporate social responsibility (CSR) marketing opportunities for brands

Millennials in the Workforce​

by Simon Sinek

Google the word leadership and what you find are some of the following top 10 words:

But what about personal leadership and leadership in the home displayed by parents. In order to lead others, we have to be able to lead ourselves; which can often be a challenge.  At the LLR Center we are working to highlight the value of these ideas, specifically around the concept that some of the first leaders in our lives are often women, including mothers, caregivers and teachers.

Click here or visit the "Resources" page to take a Personal Leadership IQ test by Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D. and book a coaching session to enhance your personal leadership skills.


Often when we see the word love it might evoke the image of hearts or perhaps we think about the love that we feel for a spouse and family. However, our mission at the LLR Center is to come along side people and empower them to fall in love with themselves. Self-love is a concept that we promote, not from a "selfie" or narcissistic perspective but the practice of self-care and the belief that we are enough and worthy of love just as we are.

Whether it's a relationship with a romantic partner, relative or in the workplace, the quality of our interactions with others are often influenced by our relationship to self. Also, how we feel about ourselves is attributed to our initial relationship with our parents and caregivers; which can influence our values and behavior.  Through in-person and online courses, coaching and other tools, The LLR Center creates opportunities to break unhealthy relationship patterns and reframe limiting beliefs about ourselves and those closest to us.


("Chief of the adinkra symbols")


Symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership. This symbol is said to have played an inspiring role in the designing of other symbols. it signifies the importance of playing a leadership role.





Symbol of love, safety and security...Because of the security and the protection that a fence affords, the symbol is also associated with the security and safety one finds in love.

-- from The Adinkra Dictionary


("the teeth and the tongue")

Symbol of friendship and interdependence.

The teeth and the tongue play interdependent roles in the mouth. They may come into conflict, but they need to work together.

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings

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